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May 2016


Dear Researcher,


We have been printing hard copies of our catalog every year since the beginning in 1983. In recent years, the requests for the print version of our catalog, containing almost 500 pages and weighing more 3 pounds, has been declining. As a result, this is the first year we have decided not to print the 2016 catalog. For those of you who would still like to receive a copy of our 2016 catalog, we can provide it as a PDF on a CD or you can download the PDF from our website. Our 2016 catalog will be available for distribution in early June. Please send your requests by email or through our website.


We are also improving our website to render it more user-friendly and easier to search. As usual, we have added more than 200 new and mostly exclusive radiolabeled and unlabeled chemicals in our 2016 catalog. On average, we are adding 3-4 new products every week. After June 2016, we will be posting all new products as well as special offers on our website on a bi-weekly basis. A vast majority of our new products have arisen from custom syntheses as well as our own research. We continue to expand our popular product lines which include antivirals, lipids, fatty acids, and pesticides.


For those who are not familiar with ARC, we would like to remind you that ARC has the world’s largest and most comprehensive catalog of radiolabeled chemicals. We have more than 5,000 radiochemicals as compared to our nearest competitor offering fewer than 1,000 products.


We always welcome your quotation requests for custom synthesis as well as for bulk orders.




Surendra Gupta, Ph.D.