Custom synthesis is an important part of our business. ARC employs a group of highly skilled and experienced PhD chemists who can tackle virtually any type of organic and biochemical synthesis. Because of our small size we offer very competitive prices, fast delivery, high quality products and prompt quotations. In most cases we are able to give immediate quotations and beat other competitor's prices by a wide margin.

At ARC, we undertake both large as well as small size orders for custom synthesis. Quite often we underwrite or subsidize the cost of custom synthesis for potentially new catalog products. Many of the exclusive products in our current catalog have been derived from custom syntheses.

We will be happy to sign a formal confidentiality agreement with your organization.

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Carbon-14 Labeling Service

ARC is capable of conducting all types of custom synthesis. Our chemists are experienced in enzymatic as well as chemical synthesis on any amount. We offer competitive prices, fast delivery and quick price quotes.



Iodine-125 Labeling Service

ARC will provide quotations on the iodination of biologically active substances using iodine-125. We will undertake the iodination of peptides at specific or defined positions. The iodinated peptides are purified by state of the art HPLC techniques. Each product is accompanied by a detailed analytical data sheet and HPLC chromatogram.



Phosphorus-33 and Sulfur-35 Labeling Service

Radiochemists at ARC have conducted several custom syntheses using Phosphorus-33 and Sulfur-35 isotopes. We offer competitive prices and quick turn around time. We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide price quotations for the above services. Please fax or email the chemical structure or name, position of label, solubility, specific activity, no. of millicuries required, literature references, purification procedure, etc for prompt price quotations and delivery information.



Tritium Labeling Service

ARC routinely offers a variety of tritium labeling services. Our basic tritium labeling service includes removal of catalyst and labile tritium. Purification will be done at extra cost, which depends on the purification method required. Typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

The following listing details the most commonly used tritium labeling services:

  • Catalytic Reduction with Tritium Gas
    This procedure normally yields high specific activity products and requires halogenated or unsaturated precursors.
  • Reduction with Sodium Borohydride [3H] or Sodium Cyanoborohydride [3H]
    This procedure is rather inexpensive and requires precursors containing reducible functional groups such as aldehydes, ketones, lactones, esters, etc.
  • Reduction with Lithium Aluminum Hydride [3H] or diborane [3H]
    This procedure offers products at almost theoretical specific activities. It also requires precursors containing reducible functional groups such as aldehydes, ketones, lactones, esters, etc.
  • Tritium Gas Exposure Labeling Service
    This procedure involves exposing precursors containing exchangeable protons to tritium gas in the presence of a suitable catalyst.
  • Tritiated Water Exchange Labeling Service
    In this procedure the precursor is heated in the presence of tritiated water and a suitable catalyst. This procedure offers low specific activity products.
  • N-Methylation using Methyl Iodide [3H]
    This procedure is usually employed to prepare O-methyl or N-methyl [3H] products by treating appropriate precursors with high specific activity methyl iodide [3H]. It yields products at high specific activity, usually 80-87 Ci/mmol.



We will beat other vendor's prices on most of the products and services we offer. ARC is not responsible for any typographical errors. Prices in this catalog may be increased without prior notice. If the product appears to be of potential interest to other users, ARC may subsidize the cost of custom synthesis.