ARC (India)
American Radiolabeled Chemicals (India) opened its doors in 2008. The office is ran by Ajay Gupta, nephew of Surendra Gupta, Ph.D., president of American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.  Ajay has received a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Osmania University in Hyderabad.



ARC (India) handles all business and inquiries for radiolabeled, stably labeled, and unlabeled chemicals throughout India. Through a network of freight forwarders and airlines, ARC is able to deliver to many cities throughout India to the nearest airport. In some situations, shipments can be shipped via FedEx door-to-door service.


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Ajay Gupta

ARC (India)

Flat No 202, Aditya Greenfield Apartment

B.P. Raju Marg, Whitefields

Kondapur-500084 Hyderabad

Telangana, India

Phone: (91) 40 939-2013746

Alt Phone: (91) 40 30627479

Fax: (91) 40-23004228

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it