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2018-2019 NEW PRODUCTS

Our new products (which were included in our 2018 PDF catalog version) have been merged entirely into our online catalog database and are full searchable.

The list below are the newest additions to our catalog which have not be included in our 2018 PDF version, however they will be included with our 2019 PDF catalog.

Catalog # Description

ARC 4142 Glyceraldehyde [1,3-14C]
ARC 4143 3,5-Difluoroanline [14C(U)]
ARC 4144 Lysophosphatidylcholine, L-a-1-eicosapentaenoyl [1-14C]
ARC 4145 Cabazitaxel [benzoyl ring-14C(U)]

ART 2458 Nociceptin [2-phe-3H]
ART 2459 Empagliflozin [3H(G)]
ART 2460 Glyceraldehyde [2-3H]
ART 2461 Amlodipine [3H]
ART 2462 Felodipine [3H]
ART 2463 Isradipine [3H]
ART 2465 Nisoldipine [3H]
ART 2467 Nilvadipine [3H]
ART 2468 Nimodipine [3H]
ART 2469 Barnidipine [3H]
ART 2470 Nicardipine [3H]
ART 2471 Nifedipine [3H]
ART 2472 (R)-(-)-Ketamine [N-methyl-3H] hydrochloride
ART 2473 (S)-(+)-Ketamine [N-methyl-3H] hydrochloride

ARCD 1217 Empagliflozin
ARCD 1218 Amlodipine
ARCD 1219 Felodipine
ARCD 1220 Isradipine
ARCD 1222 Nisoldipine
ARCD 1224 Nilvadipine
ARCD 1225 Nimodipine
ARCD 1226 Barnidipine
ARCD 1227 Nifedipine
ARCD 1228 Cabazitaxel
Check back frequently as this list is updated frequently. If there is a product you are interested that you cannot find on our website, please send us an inquiry.