In December 2008, General Electric (formerly Amersham) announced that after 2009 they will no longer be supplying carbon-14 and tritium labeled compounds. They had previously discontinued selling short-lived isotopes. For over fifty years Amersham has been a leading supplier of radiolabeled compounds in the world.

During the past several months we have been approached by many researchers from around the world who are asking us to make some of the discontinued GE products. Due to the unavailability of the key intermediates and precursors, it is not possible for ARC to make all of GE's products.

We are attempting to make as many products as we can. ARC's 2010 catalog contains over 75% of GE's radiochemicals.

Since our catalog has been printed in March, we have already made several new products. We strongly urge you to contact ARC for any other products that may be crucial to your research needs.